Pros and Cons of Realme Pad Mini in Detail

The days have gone by when the market of tablets was ruled by Apple or Samsung. Realme has entered this arena with its range of affordable tablets. Especially, with the launching of the Realme Pad Mini in April 2022, the tension of budget before buying a tablet has ended. The Realme Pad Mini comes under your budget and, at the same time, offers good productivity. To know all the pros and cons of this tablet, let’s read this article further. 


Let us first discuss the pros of the Realme Pad Mini: 

Convenient Design

The Realme Pad Mini is designed to provide you with ease during web browsing, video streaming, playing online games, or doing any official work. With its matte metal body made up of aluminum alloy, the Realme Pad Mini leaves an outstanding impression on your mind. Its thickness is 7.6 mm and its weight is not more than 372 grams. So this product is absolutely lightweight. 

Nice Display 

The Realme Pad Mini has an 8.7 – inch LCD display along with a dual-speaker stereo system. Its screen-to-body ratio is 84.59%. It is vivid enough to provide vibrant colors and sufficient brightness to use outdoors. You can set 3 types of modes as per your requirements – eye comfort mode, reading mode, and dark mode. 

Instant Features

With the Realme Pad Mini, you do not have to type your password every time you need to unlock it. Rather, you can use your Realme Band or Watch to unlock it within a few seconds. Its Nearby Share option will allow you to share files and images instantly. 

The Realme Pad Mini contains Open – up Auto Connection that can help you connect your earphones to the tablet automatically. Moreover, its cast screen features can cast content from the Pad to the t.v. to provide you with an enlarged visual. 

Good Battery Life

The Realme Pad Mini is good enough to do basic productivity tasks with it. It has a 6400 mAh Lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 15.8 hours. This is quite decent for a tablet of this range. The battery can fully be charged within just 3 hours. 

Versatile Cameras

The Realme Pad Mini has a 5 MP fixed focus camera on the front of it. This camera does a very decent job every time you need to do online classes or video calls. It is wide enough to create a good frame. Moreover, the two speakers are good enough to pick up your voice during video calls. 

The 8 MP rear camera of the Realme Pad Mini is another advantage. This camera can make a big frame while taking photos so that more people can be fitted in the picture. Moreover, you can record clear videos with this camera. 

Tremendous Speed

As the Realme Pad Mini is powered by the UFS 2.1 Flash Memory along with 64 GB of eMMC 5.1. storage, it can perform well enough while you will play online games. It will also help you achieve outstanding speed while reading or writing with this tablet. Your games will run smoothly with this tablet. Not only the casual games, but the games which have intensive graphics will also run well. 

Moreover, The ROM is expandable up to 1 TB. So this will allow you to store more videos as well as other files on your tablet. 

Good For Gaming

The Realme Pad Mini is run by the UNISOC T616 12nm – class octa-core processor. This processor performs efficiently to deliver smooth visuals. It makes the tablet very responsive. So you can play any online games on this tablet without any distractions. 

High-Speed Connection 

The Realme Pad will offer you WiFi as well as an LTE connection. You can choose a wireless network or 4G for downloading files, streaming videos, or having video calls, wherever and whenever you want. In short, you will always stay in touch with the world through his tablet. 


Now it is time to accept the cons of the Realme Pad Mini. Let us look at it:

  • It has a hybrid SIM slot. Also, it does not have a compass. 
  • The screen resolution is only 800 × 1340 pixels, which is not satisfying enough. 
  • The 8 MP rear camera of the Realme Pad Mini can’t capture good quality pictures. It often fails to balance exposure levels. 


The Realme Pad Mini is worth buying as it is the brand’s newest tablet at an affordable price and comes with lots of features anyone wants in a tablet. Though there are some mediocre features, the Realme Pad Mini has its own potential value. 

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