Pros and Cons of Living near Power Lines

The posh area requires high voltage and connectivity, due to this fact wires are very habitual things to bear with. But most people have a great dilemma about the effects of power lines. Living next to the hydro corridors (near high voltage power lines) for people has become a trauma for safety concerns. Countless studies and research has proven that there are very few harmful health effects have been dug out from being in the proximity of the electric transmission towers. Although there are many govt. rules and safety guidelines, which the electric house should follow during the installation of the power lines in the residential area.  Let’s see the pros and cons of living next to the power lines.

Pros and cons of living near Power Lines in Detail

Pros and cons of living near Power Lines

Pros of Living near Power Lines

These are the advantages of living near power lines-

Element of privacy

Everyone might not love to share their livelihood with neighbors, for them living in the power line areas can be the best option. There they must not have to face many neighbors and they can really enjoy their privacy.

Huge area coverage

 Large power lines and transformers can bear more of the surroundings, the more families will get power supply more deliberately.

Fast service

The power line company usually responds more quickly in the case of the people who live near the power lines. If there is any fault they resolve it in no time. As these places are near to the main power supply it will remain intact even when there is a power outage, which will keep houses safe.

Good deal on a property

Comparatively, properties which have power lines nearby are more demanding and good at the price. One can easily buy those properties at a very affordable price. Most people don’t have any idea about these perks of power line areas they always wanted to live in a posh area next to the main street or road.

Minor danger risks

The power lines are set at a safer distance from the locality so that people don’t have to worry about suppression or any other disturbances. The rumors that people used to spread about the power lines have not yet been proved or verified by any scientific studies and research.

Easier to find EMF

If anyone is getting a plan to buy a house near power line areas, all they have to do is to communicate with the pertinent power authorities. They will completely guide you about the EMF, whether it is dangerous or not, and mostly if the levels are safe enough for you.

Powerful to live near power-lines

 Living near the power line areas can really cause power. As one is closer to the source of the power lines they will likely get the higher power supply as opposed to the other 50 houses down. This high voltage has some good sides as your home appliances can run very quickly and more efficiently. The areas are really safe from severe bad weather.

Free yard maintenance

Living in the power line areas offers you free yard maintenance. If your trees grow near power lines, it can be proven dangerous while storms and rains, so proper maintenance must be needed. But in power line areas the power workers themselves cut the extras with their initiative for their benefit. So you can just enjoy a cost-effective and appealing home.

Cons of Living near Power Lines

These are the disadvantages of living near power lines-

Risk of fire

Although the power lines are built and installed in a manner to adapt to all the natural calamities, rains and storms can also prove fatal in some issues. Summer can prove dangerous in that fired case. Negligence of power stations may cost you a high allowance and property may get damaged.

Hum sounds

The most disturbing fact about living in power line areas is that it causes a disturbing buzz sound, it is the main reason why many people sell their property at a very low price. This sound may often make you disturbed during concentrating on something or during sleeping time. One should try to minimize them by making the sound secondary by making plenty of background noise such as of fan or television.

Difficulty in selling property

 Property selling can be proved too difficult if your land is near power line proximity. Buyers may not want to be accustomed to those cons and they often think of health issues and find it dangerous. The owners of Cars avoid these areas because their vehicles may break more often than usual.

Heath issues

 Most people had a strong idea of the matter that living near power lines causes plenty of health issues. While there is no proven research are found yet. But EMF fields can cause carcinogenic to living beings, depression, and many more.

Reduces the value of land

Reselling value of your land might be hampered due to the power lines’ surroundings. Myths are there that having health issues in living in these areas can cause rampant effects on property prices. People who come from the posh areas will not really be interested to buy after knowing these facts.


Despite having many advantages and disadvantages of living next to power lines, many people found it safer and some might not. But if someone wants to live in a pocket-friendly house surrounded by EMF, who can consider the pros and cons may find the place good for living.

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