D link vs Tp link: Detailed Comparison

D-Link and Tp-Link are the two most prominent networking companies that offer high-quality products like wireless routers, switches, mode, and range extenders at a quite pocket-friendly price. Here we have written a detailed comparison of D link vs Tp link.

Even though both of these companies offer quite a value for money products, both of them have some pros and cons. While TP-Link is known for its vast range of products at a cheaper price, D-link is mostly known for its customer service and its products somewhat lag behind TP-Link.

So, without wasting any time, let’s compare D-Link and Tp-Link so that you can buy from the best company you are looking for. The comparison is made after doing extensive research keeping in mind different use case scenarios.

D link vs Tp Link Comparison

Have a look at the detailed comparison between these two companies, known about the history of these two companies, their best products and more. But first, let’s start our D link vs Tp-link comparison by knowing about Tp-Link and its best products it is offering to its consumers.

Company History

Here we have compared the history of these two companies and let you guys know how they have started.

TP-Link: TP-Link is a Chinese company that used to manufacture network cards in the early days of its operation in 1996. The company is based in Shenzhen, China, and offers low-budget quality products. The company was first started by two brothers, Zhao Jianjun and Zhao Jiaxing.

D-Link: D-Link on the other hand is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing company. The headquarter of them is in Taipei. In the initial days, the name of the company was Datex Systems Inc. However, when it went public, the name of it was changed. The company’s aim is to make great products at a cheaper price along with the best customer service.

Products Offerings

Both of these companies offer several networking products. The best ones are as mentioned below.

Tp-Link: The company makes several products such as High-Speed Cable Modems, wireless routers, range extenders, routers, switches, IP cameras, powerline adapters, print servers, media converters, wireless adapters, power banks, USB Hub, smart home meshes, Smart plug and SMART home technology devices.

D-Link: Just like TP-Link, D Link also makes great networking products and accessories such as WiFi Routers, WiFi Range Extender, Google Mesh WiFi Routers, IP cameras, SMART home technology devices, and more. The products from D-Links are not that great as compared to Tp-Link.

Service Centers and Assistance

Now, have a look at how these two company fare when it comes about after sale service:

TP-Link: The company has more than 17 service centers in most of the major cities in India. If someone needs any service assistance, she/he can easily go to any of these centers to get their products repaired. You can see all the service centers’ details by clicking here.

D-Link: Just like TP-Link, the company offers great customer service. They have opened many service centers across all the major cities in India. If any of their products malfunctions, customers can easily go to any of their service centers to get it fixed. See the service centers of D-Link by clicking here.

TP-Link Vs D-Link: Which One is the Best?

So, this was our detailed D link vs Tp link comparison to let you know which will be the best to buy. Both of these companies are dominating in the segment of making connectivity products.

In India, Tp link is slightly more popular because of its wide range of product offerings. Its products are too good in terms of quality.

D-Link on the other hand, somewhat lags behind. Their product range is limited and apart from WiFi Routers, their other products are not so popular in India.

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