Best Washing Machines Under 25000


Looking for Best Washing Machine Under 25000? For nowadays busy life, washing machines are the most useful home appliance with increasing demand and fame.

It saves your time and energy not only by washing your clothes but also by drying them for you. So if you are looking for a washing machine with good capacity and durability then you have clicked the right link.

Here we have listed some of the best washing machines within sound budget for your convenience. So, have a look at the list of best washing machines under 25k.

Note: This list has been made after doing extensive research by our expert team to help you find the best washing machine under 25000 rupees in India. So, go through the entire article and choose one of them.

Top 5 Washing Machine under 25000 List

Washing MachinesPrice
6.5kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine by SamsungCheck Price
6kg Inverter Fully-automatic Front Loading Washing Machine by LGCheck Price
Samsung 6.0 kg Inverter 5 Star Fully- Automatic Front Loading Washing MachinCheck Price
Godrej 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineCheck Price
Onida 7kg 5 Star Fully- Automat top-loading washing machineCheck Price

6.5kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine by Samsung

Samsung is quite a famous brand in eastern countries for its wide range of features at affordable prices. Washers with 7 kg capacity are ideal for families of 3-5 members.

Being fully automatic it’s easy to use. It comes with a diamond-cut drum with soft ridges that wash clothes efficiently without harming their quality.

It provides you three different types of washing programs such as delicate wash for woolen clothes, up to 680 RPM rotational speed for a quick wash in rush time, and rinse and spin especially for the monsoon to reduce drying time.

The other striking features are a powerful filtration system, child lock, auto restart, air turbo, magic filter, and less noise, and 2 years warranty on the motor as well as on the product.

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6kg Inverter Fully-automatic Front Loading Washing Machine by LG

LG is a trusted brand for its performance and durability. This 6 kg Fully-automatic washer is best for couples with one child.

It has a child lock system and a special baby-care feature that provides hygienic wash by removing bacteria, detergent residual. The inverter and heater are the main features of this washer.

One can alter the temperature according to need hence it can be used to wash stains. 1000 RPM rotational speed gives you really fast service.

10 different washing programs ensure quality maintenance of different kinds of fabrics. It also provides you features like a waterproof touch panel, 6 motion direct drives, auto restart, and 2 years warranty.


Samsung 6.0 kg Inverter 5 Star Fully- Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Front Loading washing machines are better than top-loading washers in terms of water and energy efficiency.

Though it costs higher than top-loading washers still it’s preferable as it ensures quality wash again one can add or remove clothes even after starting the cycle.

Samsung 6.0 kg front loading washing machine gives hygienic wash without affecting fabrics. It has a long-lasting heater and provides 3 different wash programs.

It comes with a child lock system, 10 years warranty on the motor, and 3 years warranty on the product. 1000 RPM rotational speed saves time by drying clothes faster. It creates very little noise.


Godrej 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Godrej is a reputed company for home appliances with quality assurance. It occupies a 5-star rating for energy savings.

It has salient features like turbo 6 pulsator, in-built soak technology, ACU-wash drum, 9 different wash programs, child lock system, water-resistant digital panel.

Moreover, it comes with 10 years warranty on the wash motor and 2 years warranty on itself.

Onida 7kg 5 Star Fully- Automat top-loading washing machine

This fully automatic one-touch machine comes with both washing and drying functions. With good capacity, it is suitable for large families.

This comes with 8 different wash programs to help to deal with your various washing requirements. A high rotational speed of 750 RPM helps to dry clothes faster.

It is specially designed to reduce electricity and water consumption. It comes with 5 years warranty on the motor, 2 years warranty on the product itself, a magic filter, and the most positive reviews.


Panasonic 7.5 kg 5 Star Built-in Heater Fully- Automatic Top loading washing machine

Panasonic is well-known worldwide for its uncompromising quality assurance, durability, striking products. This machine comes in beautiful wine red color.

The dimple-shaped ridges on the drum give effective and gentle wash. Built-in Heater removes germs and stubborn stains.

Active foam system with advanced technology helps to remove dirt and stains with fewer water uses. The other striking features are an antibacterial detergent case, big lint filter, wider mouth, 700 RPM rotational speed, and the best quality motor with 12 years warranty.

It costs a little bit higher than 25000 although it is worthy to be on the list as you can purchase it from Amazon or Flipkart by paying less than 25000.


Whirlpool 6.5 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic top loading washing machine with In-Built heater

The In-Built heater heats water up to 60° Celsius and thereby helps to remove germs and stains. The advanced stain wash technology helps to remove stains for up to 48 hours.

It comes with 12 different wash programs to maintain proper wash care of different types of fabrics. It has a magic lint filter, express wash option, smart detergent recommendation feature, auto tub clean feature.

With 740 RPM rotational speed it is perfectly able to save your time. This 5 star rated washer very efficiently.


Whirlpool 10.5 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

if you are someone with a very tight budget then a semi-automatic washer will be best for you as it costs less, lasts longer.

As the name suggests itself, every time you use it, you have to perform some manual work such as adding water and detergent, selecting the timer, draining water after completion of a cycle, etc.

Having a capacity of 10.5 kg it suits a large family very well. Whirlpool 10.5 kg semi-automatic washer comes with a 3D Turbo impeller that washes clothes by creating Triple motion.

3D lint filter keeps your clothes lint-free and fresh. This waterproof and shockproof model comes with a high rotational speed of 1400 RPM that saves your time.

It has 5 different wash programs to ensure wash care of different types of fabrics, then a special stain removal program and 5 years warranty.


Samsung 8kg Semi-Automatic 5 star Top Loading Washing Machine

This comes with a beautiful design. This has 5 star Energy Saving capacity to ensure less expenditure on bills.

The air turbo feature and 1350 rotational speed helps to dry clothes easily and efficiently within less time. It comes with caster wheels hence easily relocatable.

It has 5 years warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on the product itself. Other salient features are magic filter, rustproof body, buzzer, etc.

Verdict- Which One Should You Buy

So, this was all about our top 10 washing machine under 25000 Rupees in India list. You go for any one of them as per your requirements and budget. All these washing machines are quite a value for money and come with great features.

Still Confused? Some Points That Will Help You Further:

  • If your family is small, contains only 2-3 members then you can go for a machine with less capacity. A 5kg machine will serve a little family efficiently. If you are someone who washes clothes regularly then even you can go for a washer with less capacity.
  • If you have a baby in your family then choose a washing machine with a baby care feature that gives a hygienic wash that removes bacteria, detergent residues effectively.
  • Do you have a huge huge number of people in your family? Then you should purchase a washer with a good capacity of 7-10 kgs at least.
  • If you are someone with a tight budget of around INR 10000, then you can go for a semi-automatic washing machine. Yes, you have to perform some manual work every time but that doesn’t include anything physically hard or technically tough.
  • A front-loading washing machine costs higher but it cleans more effectively, saves water and energy, one can add or remove clothes almost any time during the cycle.
  • If you are someone who is always in a rush can choose a washer with good RPM that will dry clothes faster for you.
  • Top loading washing machines are more striking and stiff enough but need more water and energy in comparison to front-loading machines. It costs less than front-loading washers.
  • One should always purchase a washing machine with a good warranty period on the motor as well as on the washer.
  • Always try to purchase from reputed companies that ensure quality, durability, performance.

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