Best Printer Companies In India (2022)

Best Printer Companies In India (2022): After writing reviews on some of the most sold printers in India we have decided to write an article on the best printer companies in  India.  In India when you think of buying a printer , the brands like HP, Canon, Epson and Brother come to mind first.

Today we will talk about these brands or companies and also find out the best brands for different purposes. So without wasting our precious time, let’s get started:

Best Printer Companies In India

Best Printer Companies In India

So, here is the details of the top 5 printer companies in India. Have a look at them one by one and know which is the best company.

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

In 1939, Bill Hewlett and David Packard had founded the company, renowned as HP which is actually the abbreviation of  Hewlett – Packard i.e. their surnames’. HP has its headquarters in Palo Alto which is in California, US. They are one of the best manufacturers in the world in providing the best laptops, tablets, printers, and speakers.

As we are concerned about printers today, we will talk about their printers only. In India, HP printers are preferred more than any other brand for home uses. HP cost-efficient laser printers are also good for small to middle offices. These printers require less maintenance than other brands like Epson or Canon.

All the HP printers come with a one-year’s warranty policy. For a low budget, among lots of options, HP 315 in color printers and HP  LaserJet 108A in monochrome printers are the best.


Epson is a Japan-based electronics company which is famous for producing printers and other imaging-related accessories.

If you are looking for an inkjet printer that provides colour printouts, then one from this brand would be the best for you. Epson colour printers are the best for photo studios, net cafes. For being remarkably cost – efficient,  Epson printers are highly preferred in India.

Epson provides a one year warranty with all its printers. The Epson EcoTank L3150 printer is one of the best from the brand.


Canon is another famous brand of printers, cameras, scanners and many other products in India. Canon  is actually a Japan based multinational company that has its headquarters in Tokyo.

This brand is better in making colour printers than monochrome printers. Canon produces both expensive and cheap printers. Since Canon printers require considerably more maintenance, a user has to use it concernedly.

Canon printers also come with a one year warranty. Canon Pixma G2012 is one of the best from this brand.


The Japan based multinational company, Brother is one of the fastest growing brands of printers, fax machines, typewriters, label printers and other machineries.

The stiff enough Brother printers are more conventional in offices or xerox shops than in houses because of their fast performance and high duty cycle. Multifunction printers from the brand Brother, are actually the best for office uses.

Among colour printers the Brother DCP-T520W printer and for monochrome printers the Brother HL-L2321D printer are the best from the brand.


Panasonic is another world famous multinational conglomerate that has its base in Japan.

In India Panasonic printers are not as conventional as its other products like smartphones, LED televisions, washing machines, trimmers or mixture grinders are. We don’t have to mention how reliable and famous the brand is in India.

Panasonic produces printers mostly with real business productivity, so Panasonic printers will fit as the best for business regarding purposes, such as – copying, printing in xerox shops , cyber cafes or in offices. The multifunction , network ready printers from Panasonic are really very admirable.

The printers named as DP-MB300 and KX-MB2030 are some of the best printers produced by Panasonic.

Bottom lines: Best Printer Companies In India

By now you must have a simple idea about some of the best printer companies in India, namely HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, and Panasonic. If you are looking for a printer to use in your home for study purposes or maybe one for your small office or medium office then HP or Canon will be the best. If you have a cyber cafe then go for a cost-efficient printer.

If you have a photo studio then Epson inkjet color printers would serve the best. If you need bulky printouts mostly black and white regularly, then a printer from the brand Brother, Epson with high duty would be good. High-productive Panasonic printers are also good for business purposes.

Moreover, the Printer Buying Guides of Printer Guru can help you find the best printer depending on your budget and requirements. You will also get many honest and unbiased Printer Reviews.

We hope you had a nice reading !

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