Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 (2022)

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 (2022): As we all know, “time is money”. If there is a lack of anything in this fast-paced life, it is ‘Time.’ And to save time, we need a washing machine that can wash all our clothes without taking away our time. Hence, here we have suggested Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 rupees in India.

The list is made after doing extensive research so that you get the best product in this price range. Read the entire article to find out which is will be suitable for your family.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 (At a Glance)

  1. Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
  2. IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine
  3. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  4. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  5. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 Rupees (In Detail)


1. Samsung 6.0 Kg Washing Machine– Overall Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000

Samsung is known in every household for manufacturing some of the best front-loading and top-loading washing machines. Priced for a couple of thousands more than Rs 20k, it is good enough to rank as one of the best washing machines in the Rs 20,000 range.

This Samsung washing machine has some outstanding features like Digital Inverter and Hygiene Steam Technology. Being a 5-star energy-rated machine, you can expect quite less power consumption. The Hygiene Steam technology is equipped with a hygiene steam cycle to enhance the washing quality of the clothes. They will stay like new even after washing them multiple times.

There is also a digital inverter that comes with a strong magnet to guarantee reliable and quieter performance. The 5-star energy rating should prompt people to purchase this appliance. This washing machine also has a ceramic heater. It is employed to take care of the build-up of water scale deposits.

The Child lock is a quite useful feature. It helps in keeping the children safe if they try to do any activity with the washing machine. The Quick wash mode is truly a great feature. The feature helps in completing the washing cycle in 15 minutes. Using the respective Cotton Fabric and Wool Fabric Wash modes, you can quite conveniently was your cotton and woolen clothes.

There is also Hexa Storm Pulsator to enhance the washing experience to a different level. The magic filter feature helps in removing lint and other residues to prevent the clogging of the drainpipe. Here are pros and cons of the washing machine.

  • Strong Built.
  • Great Performance.
  • Several washing modes.
  • Long warranty.
  • Not for a large family.

Looking for Particularly Front Load or Top Load Washing Machines? Check Here:

2. IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine


IFB makes some of the best fully automatic washing machines under the price range of 20000 rupees in India. It is priced just a little more than 20k and here are all the features of the product.

This is a front-load fully automatic washing machine that helps in getting the cleanest wash. The anti-allergen feature helps in removing allergens. As a result, your clothes stay at bay. The Laundry Add option is also there that Lets you pause the cycle, open the door and add laundry even during the wash cycle.

Ball Valbe Technology is magnificent as helps in preventing detergent wastage. With the help of this technology, the washing machine can let the water out and keep the detergent in. Most of the time in our house, the voltage of the current fluctuates and to protect the washing machine from this, there is High–Low Voltage Protection technology to prevent any damage to the components.

  • Great built.
  • Uses less energy.
  • High–Low Voltage Protection.
  • Not ideal for a huge family.

3. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This one from Samsung is a fully-automatic top-load washing machine. It is also the Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 rupees in India.

The washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg. It is good for families with members not more than 5. The wash quality it offers is quite fantastic. It is equipped with six wash programs such as  Normal, Quick wash, Delicates, Soak + Normal, Energy Saving and Eco Tub Clean.

The washing machine comes with a diamond drum. The drum washes the clothes very gently without damaging them. It can perform the gentle wash because of the Drum’s unique “soft curl” design. The Magic Filter feature is also handy. It effectively gathers the particles from your clothes and because of this, your laundry stays cleaner.

The child lock feature is quite handy. The feature makes sure the washing machine stay safe from any unusual activities of the children. If you are in a hurry, the Quick Wash feature will be quite useful. This programme washes clothes quickly and saves lots of valuable time. The delicate wash mode do a fantastic job of protecting the sweaters and woollen clothes.


  • Long warranty period.
  • Child Lock Feature.
  • Diamond Drum.
  • Good for only small family.

4. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Washing Machine– Best For a Large Family

Do you have a large family and are you looking for the Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 rupees? If yes, this product is going to be the suitable one for you.

Equipped with 12 wash programs, the machine quite intelligently washes the clothes. The wash programs are Daily, Heavy, Delicates, Whites, Hard Water Wash, Eco Wash, Woollens, Bed Sheet, Rinse, Spin, Spin, Wash Only and Aqua Store. Moreover, because of its 5-star rating, it quite significantly saves water and energy.

Spiro Wash Technology of the washing machine provides 20% better cleaning. It helps in washing the clothes in a unique circular motion. The machine is completely easy to operate because of its 3 button control panel.

Auto Tub Clean saves a lot of time too. The feature helps in automatically cleaning the inner walls of the tub by reusing the water used in the wash cycle. Furthermore, the magic lint filter automatically collects and cleans the lint from the machine during the spin cycle of every wash with the help of its centrifugal force.

There is an interesting feature worth noting in this washing machine. We are talking about Aqua Store Feature. In case of a shortage of water, the washing machine store some water for the second wash. The following are the positive things that make it the Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 Rupees for a large family.

  • Large capacity of 7.5 kg.
  • Long warranty.
  • 12 wash programs.
  • Aqua store feature.
  • No major con.


5. LG 6.2 kg Washing Machine– Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 for Small Family

 This is the Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine under 20000 Rupees for a couple as well as for a small family. This front-loading washing machine has some of the best features. The major ones are as mentioned below.

The built quality of this washing machine is excellent. The most of the product is equipped with BMC Motor Protection. It means that the motor is protected from all around leaving no room for dust, insects, and humidity.

The smart inverter technology of the washing machine adjusts the electricity consumption at the maximum level in accordance with the necessary energy. The Turbo Drum is worth noting here. It helps in removing even the strong dust.

Sometimes we face problems with the washing machine and shell out tons of money in order to repair it. But, not anymore. The Smart Diagnosis feature lets you know what’s the problem with the washing machine by connecting it with the SmartThinQ App.

The Child Lock Feature is quite useful. This feature disables the control panel so that the settings remain intact. Tough stain is not a problem anymore because of its Punch + 3 technology that creates water streams in vertical direction which mixes laundry up & down Repeatedly for even washing result.

A stainless steel drum is there that makes the washing machine’s internal rust-proof and being without rust means longer life than expected. Auto restart feature is useful when the power is on and the washing machine starts exactly from the same cycle where it had stopped when the power is back.

  • Many useful features.
  • Smart Diagnosis.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Brilliant after sale service.
  • For small family only.

Conclusion: Which One is to Buy?

Finally, all your confusion is clear and we now know which will be the ideal choice to buy under the price range of 20k. However, everyone’s requirements vary. If you are looking for the overall best, Samsung 6.0 Kg Washing Machine can be the best option. The two or three number is also good to go.

For those who have a large family, Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Washing Machine will be the best buy. However, for a couple or a single person LG 6.2 kg Washing Machine is the best option. Still in Doubt? Let us know about your concern by commenting down below.

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