Best Ergonomic Office Chairs In India (2023)- Honest Picks

Spending long hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair can take a toll on your body, especially if you work in an office or spend a lot of time at a desk. That’s why investing in an ergonomic office chair is essential to maintain good posture, reduce strain on your back and neck, and increase productivity. However, with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best ergonomic office chair in India. In this article, we have researched and compiled a list of the best ergonomic office chairs in India, taking into account factors such as comfort, adjustability, support, and durability. We’ll take a closer look at each of these chairs and highlight their features to help you make an informed decision and improve your overall well-being while working.

Note: This list of Best Ergonomic Office Chairs In India has been made after doing extensive research by the talented team of GizmoFast so that you can find the best one without wasting your time.

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs In India (At a Glance)

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Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs In India ( In Detail)

Now, in the following paragraphs, you will get to know about these office chairs. So why wait, let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Green Soul-Beast Series Fabric and PU Leather Gaming/Ergonomic Chair

This is one of the best office chairs in India if comfort is your first priority. Equipped with a lot of features, you can consider buying it because of the following reasons.

This particular chair is quite good for your back as it helps you get the right posture and allow you to sit on it as long you want without getting any back pain. 

Removable headrest: One of the best features of it is its Removable headrest. This pillow can be adjusted too as per your likings giving you complete comfort for long hours.

Removable lumbar pillow: Another good feature of this office chair is its removable and adjustable Lumbar Support Pillow. This pillow is mostly offered by companies to provide you with complete comfort during your workload for long hours.

Bucket seat: The large space of this office chair is truly great for most users. The bucket seat makes your sitting a comfortable one. Even fat and healthy people can also fit in this chair.

Great Support for the Body: This Ergonomic chair provides great support for the entire body. It comes with a neck pillow that provides complete support to your head and neck. Neck pain will be now history after using it for someday. It also provides support to the knees and thigh with its unique design that reduces thigh and leg pain.

  • Completely comfortable to sit at.
  • Arm, head and neck support.
  • Great build quality.
  • No any major con at all.


2. Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

Another one from Green Soul. It is one of the highest rated multi-purpose chair on Amazon. If you need a premium chair at a great price, this one is for you.

The build quality of this chair is truly great. It is made with high quality Metal, Spandex Fabric and PU Leather. The following are the major features of this chair.

Pillow for neck and head: It is equipped with an adjustable enough padding. No, you can get rid of your neck pain even when you sit on this chair for long hours. The stylish “Green Soul” font written on it makes it look premium.

Lumbar pillow support: The adjustable memory foam lumbar pillow is used here. This super-looking Lumbar pillow makes sure you don’t get hunched back anymore by providing you back with a perfect posture.

An adjustable armrest: The armrest this chair offers is quite a good one. It is padded and made of PU Carbon Texture that makes it soft to touch. Moreover, the grip it provides is also great. It is adjustable up on all 4 sides like left and right, front and backward, upwards and down.

  • Premium build quality.
  • Support for back, neck, head, knees.
  • Great quality pillows for neck, back and hand.
  • No any major con at all.

3. AmazonBasics Mid Back Office Chair

This one is a budget offering from AmazonBasics. If your budget is a little tight and wants a value-for-money chair for everyday use and for the purpose of “work from home”, this one is the best for you.

It is an Ergonomic office chair upholstered in black bonded leather with a weight of around 13.15 kg. The following are the features of it.

Fully Adjustable: This chair is fully adjustable. You will be able to raise or lower your seat depending on your requirements. The chair offers an ergonomically correct seated position to the user that makes sitting comfortable for long hours.

Tilt Control: The control handel lets your chair to tilt back, or sit forward and push the control handle in to prevent it from tilting. A tilt-tension knob is there below the chair seat. With the help of it, you can make the chair easier or harder to rock back.

Smooth Leather Material: The high-quality leather is used here for both the padded seat, as well as its solid, square-shaped, gently contoured padded back of the chair to provide you great comfort.

  • Great quality material.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Dual-Wheel Casters.
  • Non-reclining back support.
  • No other major con.

4. MISURAA High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

This is one of the best office chairs for back support in India for the usage of both home and office. The quality of the chair is surprisingly great. Let’s have a look at the features of this best quality office chair in India.

Adjustable Head Rest: This premium chair comes with an adjustable headrest. The ergonomic design makes this chair a comfortable one for your entire body as well as head.

Ergonomic backrest: The ergonomic backrest makes it ideal for keeping your back supported so that it stays strain-free even when you are sitting for a prolonged time.

Excellent build quality: The build quality of this product is superb and the material used here is of high quality. The nylon mesh seat and back, soft nylon pad, diecast aluminum base, and heavy-duty caster wheels make it quite durable.

Easy to install: You don’t need an expert while installing this chair as the company has given DIY instructions so that you can install the chair on your own quite easily.

Lumbar Support: For those who have back pain this is a god Ergonomic Office Chairs In India. This chair’s adjustable lumbar provides you with comfort and complete brightness.

Breathable Mesh: This chair is equipped with a breathable mesh on the back. And, because of this, this chair is more comfortable than before.

Other Features: This office chair is equipped with the lumbar support height, the seat depth; the headrest height and angle; the backrest tilt, the tilt tension, the armrest height and more.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Ergonomic backrest.
  • Quite durable and long-lasting.
  • No other major con at all.


5. CELLBELL® CG03 Gaming/Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Chair

If you need a stylish chair which is also quite durable, this particular one is for you. Made by Cellbell, it offers lots of worthy features. However, the following are the best ones.

Ergonomic Armrests: This chair comes with Ergonomic Armrests which means it comes with adjustable height U and Down PU padded armrest. It means you can sit in this chair for complete comfort.

Lumbar Cushion: This chair has chair has a massage lumbar support at the backrest to release your waist fatigue if you are sitting for a prolonged time. With its Lumbar Cushioning, it provides a comfortable seated position.

Recline Mechanism: The recline mechanism is quite useful in this chair. You can lock the chair at any angle from 90°, 120°, 1250° to 180° as per your comfort and preference.

  • Build Quality and style is superb.
  • Lumbar Cushion.
  • Recline Mechanism.
  • Truly durable and long lasting.
  • The chair is unstable when you bend to the front.

Conclusion: Best Ergonomic Office Chairs In India to Buy

Finally, you have come to know which are the top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs In India that you can buy in every price range.

All these above-listed chairs are quite a value for money and come with a plethora of quality features so that you get complete comfort.

Depending on your budget, you can go for any of these above-mentioned chairs. We guess that now you can purchase without hesitating about which one is to buy.

However, if you are still confused, please let us know by commenting down below. We will surely help you solve your problems.

F.A.Q about Best Office Chairs in India

Q. Which brand is the best for office chairs?

For office chairs, the best brands are Green Soul, MISSURAA, CELLBELL, etc. However, if your budget is less, AmazonBasic is another best option.

Q. Which are the most comfortable chairs for working from home?

Green Soul-Beast Series, Green Soul Monster Ultimate, MISSURAA high back chair are some of the most comfortable chairs for work from home.

Q. Should I buy a chair online?

There is no problem at all to buy a chair online. You will still get a warranty and the price will also be comparatively lower than the offline stores.

Q. Which is the best chair for back?

All the above-mentioned office chairs are quite great to prevent back pain. You can go for any of them.

Q. Can I use these office chairs at home?

Yes you can. These chairs are made for multi-purpose. You can use them even when you are home.

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