Best 1 Ton AC In India 2022

Looking for Best 1 Ton ac In India 2022? Here we have discussed the top interpreter split AC with 5 star and 3-star energy efficient rating. An air conditioner can be a great useful and nice input to your designed interior. In India the number of purchasers of air conditioners is increasing significantly.

An air conditioner is not regarded as a luxury anymore rather it is considered as a useful and healthy home appliance. Why? Because an ac can reduce the amount of the carbon dioxide present in the air of your room and provide you shooting air at the temperature you asked for. 

Nowadays with advancement of technology air conditioners come with filters that can remove germs, smoke, odour from your room. 

After duly checking the reviews of the old users, requirements of people in this present time, durability, servicing capacity we have created a list on best 1 Ton AC In India in 2021.  We have also answered here some frequently asked questions about the best 1 Ton AC in India. We hope the information will be useful.

Best 1 Ton ac In India (Short list)

Best ACHighlightsPrice
1 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split Air Conditioner by PanasonicVoice Control feature, Editor’s choice, Smart AC, Value for money, 5 start ratingCHECK
3 Star Wi-Fi AI Ultra-Inverter Split 1 Ton ac by TLC3-star energy rating, Vit C filter, long-lasting evaporator, and condenserCHECK
1 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Split AC  by Blue StarBrushless DC motor, anti-aging corrosive blue finsCHECK
1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC by Samsung5 star energy efficient rating, 3 layer effective filter, quite energy efficientCHECK
1 Ton 3 Star Split AC by Lloyd3 star rating, PM 2.5 filter. Smart 4 ways swingCHECK
1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC by VoltasHigh quality filter, high quality durable coil, condenser  made up of copperCHECK

1 )  1 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split Air Conditioner by Panasonic

This model by Panasonic comes with an Intuitive Voice Control feature and is specially designed to fit into your modern home. It is provided with a 1-year warranty and AI-enabled Miraie App. This app enables users to pre-fix temperature profiles for weekdays, to identify issues at a basic level. Features like alterable sleep mode, one-touch service are also admirable. 

It can flexibly adjust to pre-set different schedules. The product is given with durability assurance as it has 100% copper made coil that transfers heat fast without getting corrosion and lasts significantly long. 

This wifi air conditioner with inverter compressor has 5 star rating in energy- efficiency. This is suitable for rooms upto 120 sq ft. with a capacity of removing heat at 1200 BTU per hour rate. The weight of the ac is 23 kgs.

This provides pollution free fresh air flow ensured by PM 2.5 dust removing filter. This has a humidity control feature which is helpful in the rainy season. 

By providing lots of admirable features at a reasonable rate this air conditioner is indeed one of the best 1 Ton ac in India.


2) 3 Star Wi-Fi AI Ultra-Inverter Split 1 Ton ac by TLC

This AC with 3-star energy rating comes with a one years warranty. Users can control this by using the Google Assistant voice command. The weight of the ac is only 9 kgs. 

This has 4 way airflow to ensure fast cooling at every corner of your room within 30 seconds. It has long lasting evaporator and condenser. 

The PCB cooling technology can cool down even a 60° C heated atmosphere by its 1 Ton capacity. The R32 Refrigerant provides fresh air without deteriorating air quality. This AC even has a Vit C filter and we all know how important Vit C is in making the immune system. So this is a very admirable feature. 

The AC has a 3 star energy rating. The Ultra-Inverter Compressor helps to save on electricity bills for up to 40%. 

The 100% pure copper made inside the coil and outside structure is helpful to provide fast heat transfer and to ensure less corrosion. 

This is one of the best 1 Ton AC under 30000 Rupees in India with positive reviews from the users. 

3) 1 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Split AC  by Blue Star

One of the best 1 Ton AC in India that comes under 30k in India in 2021. This has a 1-year warranty and comes in a structure of  36 kilograms weight.

The 100% copper made connecting tubes condenser coil, evaporator coil, anti-aging corrosive blue fins give fast heat transfer and last significantly longer. 

It has an eco mode in which the compressor runs slower and consumes less energy. It has a brushless DC motor that creates less noise and a smart detection system that identifies any issue at the primary level. 

The turbo cooling feature cools down the atmosphere fast. This AC comes with an auto cleaning feature too which is very admirable.

This remote-controlled air conditioner has a dehumidifier, dust filter. This has the capacity to serve a room of 100- 120 sq ft.

4) 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC by Samsung

This is one of the latest 1 Ton air conditioner by Samsung. This comes under 50000 in a structure of 25.8 kilograms. This has a one years warranty card.

It has an auto-clean feature so dust or moisture does not accumulate in the heat exchanger thereby durability is ensured. It has an easy filter plus at the top, so a user can easily open and clean it.

It has anti-corrosive copper-made Dura Fins that ensure reliable fast service. The R32 Refrigerant feature is capable of reducing the effects of climate change. It has a special feature to ensure good sleep at night.

It has a tri- care filter that is a 3 layer effective filter giving dust-free, germs-free fresh air. It has a 5-star rating in energy- efficiency. This is capable of serving a room of up to 130 sq ft.

5) 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC by Lloyd

Lloyd is one of the famous brands of air conditioners. This AC by Lloyd is one of the best 1 Ton ACs available in India in recent times. 

This AC comes under 30000 with a lot of features. The weight of the item is 27 kilograms. It has a one-year’s comprehensive warranty. This has a 3-star energy efficiency BEE rating. 

This air conditioner by Lloyd has a capacity of 1 Ton which means it can remove 12000 BTU heat per hour. It can easily serve a room of 90 sq ft. area. 

It is capable of cooling down the 20°- 24 ° Celsius hot atmosphere to 18° C within 45 seconds by its Rapid cooling feature. 

It has an auto-clean feature, PM 2.5 filter. Smart 4 ways swing ensures cooling at every corner of your room. 

It has a copper-made corrosion-free pipe, a condenser that lasts longer and can transfer heat with efficiency. 


6) 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC by Voltas

This is another good 1 Ton AC under 30000 Rupees in India. This has a DC inverter that reduces energy consumption. It is capable of cooling a high ambient of 52° C. This ac serves without creating any noise. 

This has a high-quality filter, high-quality durable coil, condenser made up of copper. This has a dehumidifier, advanced air purifying system. 

The turbo cooling system cools down fast. With the help of its inverter, it constantly saves energy. 

This comes with a 1-year warranty. It is capable of serving a room of 100 sq. ft area. 


FAQs: Best 1 Ton ac In India

Q. Why should I choose an inverter ac?

Ans. An inverter air conditioner is way more energy-efficient than an air conditioner without an inverter. The inverter air conditioner is capable of controlling the compressor motor thereby consuming less energy it becomes more energy-efficient than a normal ac. 

Q. What is a 1 Ton AC? What is the Tonnage of an AC? What is a 1.5 Ton AC?

Ans. The term Ton tagged with an air conditioner has nothing to do with the weight of the AC or the weight of the air it cools down. 1 Ton actually signifies the capability of the air conditioner in removing heat in the BTU unit from the room per hour. A 1 Ton ac is capable of removing 12000 British thermal unit  (BTU) heat per hour from a user’s room. In a similar manner, an 1.5 Ton AC has the capability of removing 18000 BTU heat per hour. 

Q. What should I look for before buying an ac?

Ans. Check for a capable air conditioner according to your room size, check out the filter quality, durability, energy consumption level, inverter technology, blower. Always try to buy from renowned companies that provide durability and quality service assurance. Before buying duly check out the reviews from users. 

Q. How to reduce the electricity bill on AC?

Ans. Suppose you generally seek your AC to cool down the atmosphere to 18° C, but if you ask it to cool down the air to  20° C – 22° C then you may not feel a significant difference but can reduce the bill. You can also go for an energy-efficient air conditioner. Uses of AC can be substituted by fans up to a level.

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