Best 1.5 Ton AC in India for Home & Office (2022)

Best 1.5 Ton AC in India for Home & Office (2022): Enjoy summer with the best 1.5 Ton AC in India! Here we have tried to cover every kind of requirement, budget and listed 6 best 1.5 ACs in India in 2021. We have also answered some frequently asked questions for readers’ convenience.

Air conditioners can regulate the temperature of your room , hence can be very useful in both summer and winter . 

In recent days with enhanced technology air conditioners are also capable of protecting you from viruses. The air conditioner gives dust-free shooting air and also decreases the carbon dioxide level of the air in your room.

The number of users of ACs in India has been increasing rapidly for the last four-five years. In India air conditioners are available from lots of well-recognized brands.

Top 5 Best 1.5 Ton AC in India (At a Glance)

Best 1.5 Ton ACHighlightsPrice
LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split ACAnti-virus protection layer, Convertible 5-in-1 Cooling, 5 Star rating, Long warranty, editor’s choiceCHECK
1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC by Samsung5 star energy rating, Digital inverter technology, anti- bacterial HD filterCHECK
Elite iECO 1.5 ton AI Ultra-Inverter Wi-Fi enabled Split AC by TLC5 Star efficiency, Pure Copper Designing, for medium sized roomsCHECK
Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Split AC by Blue Star3 star rating, PCB Cooling, stylish, can be used in medium roomsCHECK
1.5 Ton 5 Star Twin Inverter Split AC by IFBBest for a room of 150 sq. ft area, 100% copper piping, PCB coolingCHECK

Best 1.5 Ton AC in India (In Detail)

Now, let’s have a look at these air conditioners in details so that it becomes easy for you to choose one of them.

1 ) LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

One of the best 1.5 Ton AC in India produced by LG . This AC has variable speed compressor, Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor which can rotate at wider rotational frequency. These features are capable of saving energy recognizably.

This has anti-virus protection layer within the HD filter. This AC has anti-corrosive copper-made indoor and outdoor units which extend the durability of the AC.

This air conditioner has low gas detection feature, R32 Refrigerant, smart diagnosis system, silent service assurance. This has an auto clean feature too.

Stabilizer Free Plus feature obstructs voltage fluctuations.  This can cool down even 52° C hot ambient around it . This has 1.5 ton capacity so it can serve a room of 111- 150 sq. ft. area without any difficulty.

This comes with a 1 years warranty card in a 39.5-kilogram structure. This is a new model yet it has a huge number of users in India. You should also try this one.

2) 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC by Samsung

Samsung launched this 1.5 ton air conditioner in 2021. This remote controlled AC comes in a 37 kilograms structure. This has a beautiful pattern drawn on its front.

This cools down your room at the temperature you asked for with fewer fluctuations and also consumes less energy. These are because of the Digital inverter technology present in it. This has a voltage fluctuation protector.  This air conditioner has a 5-star energy rating.

a 100% copper-made condenser is used in this air conditioner to ensure corrosion-less long-lasting service. This air conditioner is efficient at cooling faster even in a wide area.

This has an anti-bacterial HD filter that saves users from bacteria. This AC has a good sleep mode to give noise-free cooling at night. The less harmful R32 refrigerant is used in it.

This has auto clean feature, turbo cooling feature, great quality filter with 3 protection layers, wider inlets and blades to impact on  large area. With 1.5 tonnage capacity this air conditioner can serve a room of 111 to 150 sq. ft. area efficiently. This comes with a one years warranty card.

3) Elite iECO 1.5 ton AI Ultra-Inverter Wi-Fi enabled Split AC by TLC

In comparison with other producers TCL provides the same features in its products at a significantly lesser rate. TLC has lots of satisfied customers in India too.

This iECO by TLC comes with 5 star rating in energy efficiency, an AI Ultra-Inverter Compressor which controls power consumption. It gives noiseless service.

This comes with a 1 years warranty in a 13 kilograms structure. This is capable of serving a room of 150 sq. ft.  4  way air-flow system will cool down every corner of your room.

This has a dust filter, PCB cooling technology, R32 Refrigerant gas,  This air conditioner is capable of smart connectivity, you can control it by Google Assistance. It can also be controlled by TLC home app from anywhere.

100% copper made corrosion resistance, quick heat transferring coil, fin . Within 30 seconds it can reduce temperature from 27°C to 18°C. It can reduce even 60° C high temperature ambient. 

Gold plated Evaporator and Condenser are durable. This is a smart Wi-Fi ac with Vit C filter.

4) Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Split AC by Blue Star

One of the best 1.5 Ton AC by Blue Star that comes with a one year warranty. The weight of the product is 45.5 kilograms.

This comes with 1.5 Ton capacity and is suitable for 150- 165 sq. ft. room. This AC has non- inverter AC hence affordable than inverter AC also causes less noise.

This has 3 Star energy saving rating, auto diagnosis and auto clean feature. This air conditioner has R32 Refrigerant gas which causes much less harm to the atmosphere.

100% Copper Condenser Coil, tubes not only lasts longer but also transfer heat faster. This has an eco mode , turbo cooling system. This AC has anti-corrosive blue fins that too lasts long and provide great service.

This Brushless DC Motor gives noiseless service even at high rotational speed by creating electronic communication.

5) 1.5 Ton 5 Star Twin Inverter Split AC by IFB

One of the best 1.5 Ton AC by IFB that comes under gold series. This air conditioner has a 5 star energy efficiency rating, 4.7 seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

IT has a Twin Inverter Hi-speed HD Compressor for giving users a better cooling experience. It has a dual gold-fin heat exchanger, fireproof electronic control box, PCB cooling. This is suitable for a room of 150 sq. ft area.

The PM 0.3 filter fitted in it removes pollutants of even 0.3 microns. This has protected evaporator tubes, 100% copper piping, copper condenser coil. These are meant to give the users long-lasting service.

R32 refrigerant gas is used in this air conditioner which is significantly less harmful to nature than R410A. The noise level is only 38 db.

This air conditioner is provided with an elegant , easy to use remote.  The weight of the air conditioner is 13 kilograms and it has a 1 years warranty on itself.

6) 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC by Livpure

This is one of the 1.5 ton AC in India with very positive reviews. This comes under INR 30,000 in a 11 kilograms structure with 1 years warranty.

This has a 3.7 seasonal energy efficiency ratio and 3 star energy rating. With 1.5 ton capacity it can easily serve a room of up to 150 sq. ft. area.

This split AC with inverter compressor is capable of changing power consumption level according to heat load.

Copper condenser coil, and piping provides durability along with superior cooling. In this air conditioner, R32 refrigerant gas is used.

Livpure provides lots of attractive features in this model at a much less cost. This air conditioner has 3 different cooling modes, silent cooling mode, effective EGAPA filter, Wi-Fi connectivity. This a smart AC hence can be controlled by voice commands.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Go for?

So, this was our complete list of Best 1.5 Ton AC in India with 5 star rating as well as 3 star rating. All the above-mentioned air conditioners are truly great and come with great features.

We have also included the Best 1.5 Ton AC in India in every price bracket. However, according to us, the overall best 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner is undoubtedly LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC. It is long-lasting, full of features, and the after-sale service is also superb.

You can also consider buying the other mentioned products if they meet your budget and requirement. Still, needs help? Please let us know by commenting down below.

Some frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

Q. What is refrigerant gas?

Ans. Refrigerants or coolants are chemical compounds used in air conditioners in which they constantly change into gas state then to liquid state then again to gas state and so on. These are hydrofluorocarbons which are a significant reason for global warming and ozone layer depletion.

Q. Which refrigerant gas is better R32 or R410A?

Ans. The gas which harms the atmosphere less is considered to be better one hence R32 is better as it has GWP of 675 whereas R410A has 2088 GWP.

Q. What is GWP of refrigerant gas?

Ans. GWP stands for global warming potential. All the gases used in air conditioners are HFCs which are a significant cause of global warming.

Q. What is the GWP of R32?

Ans. The GWP of R32 is 675.

Q. Which is the best brand of AC in India?

Ans.  Every brand listed above namely- TLC, LG, Blue Star, Livpure, IFB, Samsung also the brands like, Whirlpool, Voltas  are famous in Indian market.

Q. What is PCB in ac?

Ans. PCB stands for printed circuit board.

Q. Why should we switch to R32 refrigerant air conditioner?

Ans. R32 refrigerant is less harmful to our nature as it has 675 global warming potential which is much less than other previously used refrigerants.

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